Posted by: kawagib | August 10, 2007

Including 15 Muslim leaders and Ustadz in the warrants of arrest? Who is the source?- Kawagib Moro Human Rights Organization

The Basilan Regional Trial Court issued the warrants of arrest of the 127 men involve in the mutilation and beheading of the 14 marines including names of the 15 Muslim leaders and preachers.

As the Philippine National Police (PNP) continue the search for the 127 suspects the civilian populace in Basilan fears that arbitrary arrests in 2001 might happen again.

They can arbitrarily arrest anybody like what they did in 2001 upon the declaration of the “intensive military crackdown” by the Department of Justice resulted to arbitrary arrests and detention of more than a hundred Moro men in Basilan.

In 2001, Muslims in general and leaders were illegally arrested even children are not exempted of the arrest as they arrest six minors in Basilan tagged as Abu Sayyaf members.

The government should be careful of accusing ustadz (Arabic teacher) and preachers only to show that they are doing everything to go against the “suspects” of the July 10 attack.

How these 127 names did came out? Who is the source? Is this the result of the joint fact finding mission of the government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF)? Or maybe from the politicians in the area? How credible the source is?

The government should clear where they got this information in which they included the names of the 15 Muslim leaders and preachers and not just coming up into an arbitrary decision dropping names of the fall guys.

The warrants of arrest came out early last week before the GRP-MILF fact finding mission submits their reports.

Moro People are more afraid now since the Republic Act 9372 or the Human Security Act of 2007 is here if the Arroyo administration can do the arbitrary arrests and detentions since 2001 by simply tagging the Moro people as terrorists how about now that this very vague and broad law targeting the “terrorists” is here in the country.

Including Muslim leaders and preachers in the warrants of arrest can be considered as an attack to religion and demonizing Muslim faith. This shows that they were singling-out the Moro people in Mindanao tagging them as killers and terrorists.

This act will only create more insecurity and mistrust against the administration bent on suppressing the rights of the people.

Kawagib Moro Human Rights Organization urges the Arroyo administration to show their sincerity in achieving peace in Moro areas. President Arroyo would have given justice to those falsely accused by releasing them, not by making arbitrary decisions against the Moro people and tagged them as terrorist.



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