Posted by: kawagib | August 12, 2007

HSA-new name, same game!

Warrants of arrest against 130 Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) responsible of the attacks against the Marines will be served after tomorrow.

The PNP spokesperson Superintendent Samuel Pagdilao is firm on his position that they would use “reasonable force” if the subject of the arrest warrants offer resistance. He also stressed that the arrest warrants serve as a “legal justification” against the suspects.

This means an “intensive crackdown” against Moro people would happen again as what happened in 2001 which more than a hundred Moro men were illegally arrested and detained.

As the usual suspect and victims, the government used Moro people as samples for their policies.

In 2001, the Department of Justice issued a memorandum and declared “intensive military crackdown” in Southern Philippines which resulted to the arrest of hundred Moro men in Basilan more than 20 of them were released while others are still languishing in jail.

During the series of bombing in 2003, Moro men in Mindanao have become victim of arbitrary arrests and detention as the Arroyo administration legalized such actions against Moro people some of them were released due to lack of evidence.

Also in 2003, the Arroyo administration declared all-out war in Mindanao in the guise of pursuing the kidnap-for-ransom-group (KFRG) allegedly hiding in MILF areas in Central Mindanao but after the all-out war, no KFRG surface only the 400, 000 Moro civilians forcibly evacuated and leaved their ancestral lands.

Moro people in Southern Philippines have also been suffering massive evacuation indiscriminate firings and indiscriminate aerial bombardments due to military operations in their communities in the guise of pursuing terrorists.

These are some of the policies that the Moro people have suffer most as they became sample of the Arroyo administrations policies.

In Basilan, according to DSWD-ARMM, evacuees have reached1,033 families or 4,000 persons from the town of Al-Barkah . They have expressed their desire to go back to their homes once the tension subsided but this would not happen if the military is still in position waiting words from the President after the three days delay that will end-up tomorrow.

Basilan had been black and blue from previous military operations and exercises. Numerous human rights violations were reported: cases of torture, extra-judicial killings and disappearance against what the Arroyo administration believed to be Abu Sayyaf sympathizers and members in Basilan.

In President Arroyo’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) she praised the Philippine Marines but no words for the Moro victims in Mindanao who have been seeking justice for years now.

Now that the Republic Act 9372 or the Human Security Act is already here and the arrest warrants against of the 130 men will be served after tomorrow we fear that worst scenario than the previous years would happen.

We know how vague this law, you can be arrested without the warrant and can be detained beyond three days without any case filed before the court against you.

If the Arroyo administration can tag Moro people as terrorists and can illegally arrest and detain them for several years now how about now that the RA 9372 is here legalizing those acts?

Kawagib calls for immediate military pull-out in Basilan. If the government is sincere in bringing peace in Mindanao then they should show it not through military operations and crackdown, they should listen to the people’s call for peace.


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