Posted by: kawagib | August 27, 2007

KAWAGIB: No Cut in US Military Aid will bolster Human Rights Violations in Basilan and Sulu!

Texas Rep. Silvestre Reyes, chairman of the armed services committee of the US House of Representatives said US will not cut their military assistance to the Philippines for its fights against “terrorism” in the country.

 Kawagib Moro human rights organization fears that this statement of the United States may intensify the all-out war in Mindanao in pursuit of the “terrorists” group.

This means all-out war will continue to escalate until the government troops defeat the so called “terrorists” in Southern Philippines .

 As expected, US will not only continue but also expand its assistance and support to the Philippines as the number one ally of the United States “anti-terror” campaign.

Mindanao have become the perennial training ground of the US troops, they can now stay much longer here and make Sulu and Basilan as their free base and Moro people as their live targets in this war against “terror”.

 The US officials claim that the presence of their troops in Mindanao is to provide assistance to the Philippine army, but what kind of support? Is there an assurance that the US troops will not join the combat operations against the alleged perpetrators of the July 10 incident?

We cannot forget what had happened to civilians during the joint-military exercises of the US troops and Filipino soldiers in Zamboanga City and Basilan in 2002.

 In Basilan, civilian Buyong-Buyong Isnijal was shot by Sgt. Reggie Lane during the military operation against the Abu sayyaf while Arshid Baharun was also shot by a US soldier during their marksmanship exercises in Zamboanga City .

 On September 4, 2006, in Tagbak, Indanan, Sulu, 52 years old Bizma Juhan suffered wounds from M203 shrapnel during the operation in the area.

These cases of human rights violations against the civilians involving US troops remain unsolved.

 Kawagib also fears that continuing US military aid will only bolster more human rights violations against the Moro people in Sulu and Basilan.

 Now, in the height of the heavy fighting in Sulu and Basilan we sighted fully armed US troops joined the Philippine army convoy in Sulu, what does it mean? Is this again for humanitarian aid in southern Philippines ? Or isn’t an indication that the US troops are here again for actual combat and military intervention? Isn’t very timely for the US troops to provide assistance to the Philippines army?

 Allowing US troops to intervene in domestic affairs such as the fighting in Sulu and Basilan is a violation to the Philippine Constitution.

 Kawagib Moro human rights organization calls for immediate pull-out of US troops from the Philippines and must be prevented from engaging in any further combat action.

Kawagib also call to stop the all-out war in Sulu and Basilan and listen to the people’s call for peace. Justice to all victims of US-Arroyo’s “war on terror”!



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