Posted by: kawagib | January 21, 2008

Mayor Lobregat’s statement promotes more human rights violations

Kawagib Moro human rights organization lambasted the statement made by Zamboanga City Mayor Celso Lobrigat by offering the city as cite for American military bases.

He took no notice to the mounting cases of human rights violations brought about by previous Balikatan exercises in Mindanao.

Instead of listening over the complaints of the victims against US soldiers in Mindanao for numerous human rights violations he is even encouraging the American soldiers to violate the rights of the Filipinos especially the Moro people in Mindanao by offering the city as site for military base.

Offering the city as site for military bases is giving signal to the US soldiers to stay in Mindanao as long as they want and they can violate the rights of the Moro people in Southern Philippines because the government will not run after them.

Lobregat should remember the shooting and wounding of Arsid Baharun in Zamboanga City while soldiers were conducting a marksmanship practice in 2004, the shooting and wounding of Buyung-Buyung Isnijal allegedly by an American soldier as identified by witnesses as a certain Sgt. Reggie Lane, who was accused of participating in a military operation on July 27, 2002 in Tuburan, Basilan.

In September 2006, where shrapnels of a misfired bomb of the US soldiers hit the back of a 50-year old mother Bizma Juhan in Indanan, Sulu and may other cases that remain unresolved.

Kawagib said Lobrigat’s statement is promoting human rights violations in Mindanao given the worsen situation.

Lobrigat also disregarded the people of Zamboanga by making a statement without consulting the them.

Fr. Angel Calvo of Zamboanga said in a newspaper that many people were not happy about the what the mayor said.

Kawagib urged Lobregat that if he is really concern about the peace situation in Mindanao he should help the victims of human rights violations during the previous Balikatan in Southern Philippines to have justice not by encouraging US to put up military bases in his city.

Kawagib calls for the government to stop the holding of Balikatan scheduled next month and listen to the victims of Balikatan.


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