Posted by: kawagib | February 8, 2008

Kawagib supports rally against ID system in Sulu!

Kawagib Moro Human Rights supports the rally of the people of Sulu against ID system on February 9, 2008. 

The rally is a response to the imposition of the 3rd Marine Brigade of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) under Colonel Natalio Ecarma, the commanding officer of the brigade stationed in Jolo, Sulu. 

According to the Marines the ID will ensure the security of the people. 

Kawagib said that having the ID is not an assurance that residents of Sulu are safe. In Maimbung incident, Pfc. Ibnul Wahid, according to her wife Rawina Wahid, before her husband died he showed his ID and his badge that he is a member of the Philippine Army still the military shot him in front of his wife. 

Councilor Erdisin Lahin, 37, was also shot by the military. The incident resulted to the killing of seven civilians and one MNLF integree this include children. 

This incident shows how irresponsible the military is. With or without the ID the military cannot protect the civilians yet they are the one violating the rights as for them everybody is a suspect and they can kill you whenever they want. Kawagib said the imposition of the ID system will only violate the right to privacy of the people Sulu.  

In two pages form provided by the military for the residents before they can have the ID there are questions like who are your in-laws, what are their works and at the end of the question before you affix your signature there is a note saying that if the information you have provided in the form is not true you are subject to “doom”. 

Kawagib fears that this act of the military will only result to the increase of human rights violations instead of protecting civilians the military is using it as license to violate the right of the people.  

The Supreme Court said the ID system is unconstitutional that it will only violate the people’s right to privacy and freedom of movement. 

Kawagib calls to stop the ID system in Sulu and urged the government to investigate the Maimbung massacre in Sulu and justice must serve to the victims.  


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