Posted by: kawagib | March 7, 2008

Moro groups commemorate 102nd Bud Daho Massacre

Zamboanga City– Moro groups commemorate the 102nd Bud Daho massacre in Sulu and Basilan yesterday.

The commemoration through simultaneous forum in Sulu and Basilan gathered more than three hundred participants from the academe, civil society and communities.

In Sulu, the forum was initiated by the Suara Bangsamoro and BangsaMoro Youth Association (BMYA) held in Mindanao State University in Jolo, Sulu.

In Basilan, the forum was held in Basilan State College (BSC). It was sponsored by the Political Science Club of BSC and the Liga ng Kabatang Moro (LKM-Basilan).

Participants from the state college, professors and civil society have also expressed disappointment over the government’s decision regarding the holding of Balikatan in the country despite protests from different sectors.

The horrific incident that claimed thousands of lives of Tausug Moro men and women including children in Bud Daho was perpetrated by the American soldiers under US Major General Leonard Wood.

According to Sittie Rajabia Sundang, Kawagib Moro Human Rights Secretary General, the massacre showed that US troops have been violating the rights of the Bangsamoro people for century now.

She added that the presence in Mindanao of US troops in Mindanao through joint RP-US Balikatan exercises only repeats the history and showing how easy for them to take lives of the Bangsamoro people with the permission of the Philippine government.

On 04 February 2008, the Maimbung massacre in Sulu, again the US soldiers were involved in the killings of eight (8) civilians including two children.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines absolves their soldiers linked to Maimbung massacre despite report from Commission on Human Rights that soldiers were involved.


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