Posted by: kawagib | March 19, 2008

Long-waited justice must be served to the Moro People

Kawagib Moro Human Rights commemorates 40th year of the Jabiddah Massacre

Kawagib Moro Human Rights commemorates the 40th year of the horrific Jabiddah massacre. The twinge brought by the massacre remain alive to the Moro people and continue the struggle in seeking justice.

 The former dictator president Ferdinand Marcos recruited Tausug and Sama to train them with his objective to claim Sabah in Malaysia .

 When the young Moro men discovered the truth behind the mission dubbed as Operation Merdeka that also suffered maltreatment from the military men they refused to continue the training. When the military learned about the resistance by the Moro men they massacred them. Twenty three (23) of them died according to Jibin Arula the lone survivor of the jabiddah massacre.  

 Jabiddah massacre is only one of the massacres against the Moro people perpetrated by the state and its agents for hundred of years now while justice remain elusive for the victims and their families.

 On 04 February 2008, eight civilians, two of them are children died forming the massacre in Brgy. Ipil, Maimbung, Sulu. The Commission on Human Rights Region-9 released their findings recommending that charges be filed against the officers and men of the Philippine Navy Special Warfare Group and the Army’s special Light Reaction Company involved in the massacre.

 However, the Western Mindanao Command claimed that the massacre was a legitimate encounter with the Abu Sayyaf and absolves them from any liabilities.  

 Massacres and the killings of the Moro people remain unsolved while victims and their families did not receive justice what the government is doing is that they absolves the state agents that have been committing human rights violations.

 This cycle of injustice is only one of the many reasons why the Moro people cannot stomach the Arroyo administration and her anti-terror and militaristic policies.

 The Kawagib Moro Human Rights reiterates its call that the government should give the Moro people the long-awaited justice.

 Kawagib calls for the ouster of President GMA and pay her crimes against the Moro people.




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