Posted by: kawagib | July 28, 2008


Today, on the 8th State of the Nation Address (SONA) of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, programs such as ‘Ramdam ang Kaunlaran’ and ‘Katas ng VAT’ as well as the mushrooming of foreign capitalists in the country, will again be the frontage of her rhetoric in the pretext of helping the Bangsamoro and Filipino people.


But the truth continues to hunt the poor people. In a survey of Social Weather Station (SWS), 50% of the 88.9 million Filipinos are ‘self-rated poor’ and 14.9 million experiences hunger everyday while prices of oil and basic commodities continue to skyrocket. Cases of human rights violations are also continuing while the Bangsamoro people’s right to self-determination is not recognized.


Since GMA supported United States of America’s counter-terrorism campaign, militarization and war wreck the Bangsamoro people in Mindanao. In her entire eights years in Malacanang, the people experience nothing but brutality and destitution. War is her primary priority.


The bombing of Buliok Complex in February 11, 2003, the first official declaration of GMA’s All-out War, bore pain to the people of Pikit, North Cotabato and Pagalungan, Maguinadao. The government troops showed no respect to Muslims and the Islam religion when they bombed the Mosque during prayer time in observance of Ed’l Adha.


GMA also executed selective wars in the provinces of Lanao, Sulu and Basilan. After she pronounced ‘state of lawlessness’ in Basilan on 2001, 500 innocent civilians were picked up without warrant of arrest. Seventy-three (73) of them were detained at Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig where 11 are mercilessly killed by policemen during the Bicutan Seige in 2005 and six (6) died while in detention. To this day, they were in jail even no evidences would prove that they are Abu Sayyaf members.


In 2007, GMA declared another war in Basilan to pursue elements who beheaded 10 Marines in Al-Barka. One hundred twenty-seven (127) civilians including 10 Ustadzes were included in the warrant of arrest. Some of them are killed while a woman was hit during a military operation.


GMA’s cruelty did not end there. On February 4, 2008, eight  civilians including Pfc. Ibnul Wahid, who’s on vacation, were massacred. Casualties include a pregnant woman and two (2) children. A village councilor’s finger was cut and eyes mutilated while around 30 houses was burned. According to Sandrawina Wahid, Pfc. Ibnul’s wife and the lone survivor, she saw four (4) US troops during the military operation.


While the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) is on ceasefire agreement, the government continue to deploy troops in the Moro communities which caused skirmishes thereby victimized innocent and poor Moro people. Recent clashes were in Maitum, Sarangani and Aleosan, North Cotabato.


In Kawagib’s documentation, there are 199 Moro victims of killings since GMA took post in 2001, 147 were illegally arrested and detained and 446,400 had evacuated forcibly due to continuous militarization and war. Karapatan has also recorded 903 extra-judicial killings. This is record-breaking! There was no declaration of Martial Law but GMA beats Marcos as the highest record holder on victims of human rights violations. 


Hope surfaces in the spirits of Bangsamoro people when GRP-MILF resumes talk on July 24 in the aspiration that conflict ends through peace agreement. But, once again, the Moro people were failed to achieve peace in Mindanao. GMA and her butcher, Hermogenes Esperon are no bringer of peace!


Under the US-Arroyo regime, not a bit it showed sincerity in giving justice and respect on Bangsamoro people’s rights. Instead, the government continuously deceives and gives false hopes to Moro people through her lies and propaganda.


Today, the Moro people will no longer trust the candy-coated lies of Gloria. The Moro people will no longer allow US-Arroyo regime to continue their ruthlessness and terrorization. They should be held accountable for the lies and human rights violations they committed to the people. Eight dreadful years is enough!  Oust US-Arroyo regime! Oust Gloria now!


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