Posted by: kawagib | September 30, 2009

Indanan blast further attest US troops’ engagement in combat functions

Jolo, SULU – Two US Navy servicemen and one Filipino marine were killed when they struck a landmine at around 8:30 Tuesday morning in Sitio Laumsaing, Brgy. Kagay, Indanan town, Sulu. A still undetermined number of Marines were injured in the explosion.

KAWAGIB received reports that some 20 elements of Philippine Marines in company of some US soldiers were sighted in Kagay on their way to Bato-Bato village, when the explosion occurred.  The report further recounted that after the blast, a military convoy – a 6X6 military truck loaded with US soldiers’ and Filipino marine dead bodies and an armored car on its tail, was going to Jolo town.

Bai Ali Indayla, the KAWAGIB Secretary General, cited a witness’ account that, “at 8:09 in the morning, they saw an OV10 plane patrolling the sky. Then, they heard an explosion. After, they saw two helicopters following the OV10 plane.”

“This incident is another evidence that US troops are actually engaging in military actions contrary to government’s assertion that they are here just for humanitarian missions and military trainings,” she said.

However, Indayla was saddened that on the various reports they had received, no one is willing to relate their sightings on US troops’ actual involvement in combat operations publicly due to fear. One witness said that Sulu’s present scenario is horrible for large number of military troops were deployed in their area which caused them fear of being tagged as members or supporters of Abu Sayyaf Group.

Earlier, KAWAGIB received report that on September 20, Muslims in Sitio Talibang, Brgy. Buansa, also in Indanan, had to stop celebrating the Eidl Fitr when the military launched an aerial raid right in the area where morning Eid prayer is conducted. Innocent civilians were forced to immediately vacate the area.

“The prolonged stay of US troops in the country is already an immense violation; much is their involvement in combat operations. This is a big slap to our dignity as Filipino people, beyond mockery to our national sovereignty,” Indayla said.

She further said, “What’s funny here is regardless of numerous proofs from people in the ground, the US military untiringly denies its actual combat involvement and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo persistently defends them. With this recent blast, is there any face the US and Philippine governments to confront just to renounce once more?”

“More important is the peoples’ accounts — the scores of reports on US troops’ operations — the engagement in electronic and satellite surveillance, provision of battlefield logistical support to the military and crashes of unmanned aerial vehicles in areas where communist and Moro rebels are actively operating,” Indayla concluded.


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